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What about child restraints like baby capsules, child seats and booster seats?

The regulations on the use of child restraints in taxis varies from state to state. In Victoria you do not need a Child restraint to travel in ca cab.

I’m a member of the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP). Am I allowed to travel?

Yes, all our taxis are equipped with cab-charge payment terminals which allow you to use your MPTP card in any Pakenham Taxi..

Are drivers required to clean their vehicles after each trip to minimise the impact of the virus?

Drivers have been advised to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces in their vehicle after each passenger and after each driver with recommended products. For more information see Vehicle cleaning. They are also advised to regularly wash their own hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use hand sanitiser with at least 60 per cent alcohol. Guidance on the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces is available here. It is also recommended that drivers keep a box of tissues in the car.

What cards do you accept?

We do accept all major credit cards including Cab MPTP (Multi-purpose Taxi Program). We also accept authorised taxi dockets. For corporate clients, we do provide invoice facilities if required.

Can I pay my fare in cash?

Yes you can pay your fare in cash.

Can passengers travelling from another state or territory use a CPV service to enter Victoria?

Yes you can use CPV to enter from one state to another.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive at the Airport?

For Qantas, Etihad and International Arrivals, Our driver will meet you at the PRE-BOOK TAXI PICK UP AREA, directly opposite Qantas arrival terminal. We ask you to please call or text us once you have landed and we will send in the taxi details and pick up instructions on your mobile. For Jetstar and Tiger Arrivals, the Pick Up Area is located at Level 1 of Grey Car Park Building on the right-hand side as you exit.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

No Stress! If you had provided the flight details earlier, you need not worry. We always track the flight for any delays or earlier arrival. The Cab will be arranged accordingly to arrival time to flight. In case, your flight details or date of arrival changed, please let us know as soon as possible.

What luggage entiltment will I have?

The taxi will be arranged as per your requirements. We have a full range of vehicles in our Fleet. Standard Sedans, Wheelchair, Wagon or Maxi Taxis. For more info, visit our services online.

Is there any cancellation fee, if I cancel a taxi booking?

In general, we don’t collect any cancellation charge, yet conditions apply. If you don’t mind, please check with us totally before cancelling your ride.

Will anyone else be travelling in the Taxi I book ?

Nope! We do not share your taxi with someone else. Only you and your authorised passengers will be on a ride at a time. We care about your safety.

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