Safety Notice

Before your ride with us

We educate and screen every Driver

All Drivers should present a valid full Driver’s permit.

All Pakenham Taxi Drivers go through background and police checks. They are prepared to see how to utilize our security, wellbeing and how to deal with tough spots. In certain states, we even add some additional prerequisites, such as working with youngsters’ checks.

We undertake continuous driving history checks.

Poor conduct isn’t endured in our taxis. Drivers recognized as having poor conduct are needed to finish necessary medicinal preparing prior to being surveyed for reasonableness to drive for Pakenham Taxi once more.


We have compulsory vehicle investigations every quarter – this implies each vehicle in our fleet to go through multiple times more wellbeing checks than rideshare. How’s that for safety, hello?

Vehicle Examinations incorporate 50 individual designated spots covering the outside, inside and mechanical angles; from roadworthy, working safety belts GPS gadgets, cameras and alert frameworks through to vehicle neatness and reported vehicle photos.

 All Pakenham Taxi Drivers and Operators are required to have the appropriate level of insurance.

Each Pakenham Taxi vehicle conveys our particular strong Green marking, ensuring high perceivability from the street. This lessens your danger of getting in some unacceptable vehicle or being gotten by an informal vehicle.

At whatever point you ride in a Pakenham Taxi, you can generally see the Drivers’ ID with photograph, name and taxi number – so you realize you’re riding with a certified, police checked and proficient Driver. What’s more, when you book with us and give a versatile number, we will SMS you your Driver’s subtleties on approach.

During your trip

Personal Data Protection

Your Personal details are consistently protected when you book a Pakenham taxi ride – we keep your own subtleties totally private. Our Anonymisation System will keep Drivers from getting to your phone number – in any event, when they call you or on the off chance that you utilize the ‘Contact Driver’ highlight in the application.

With the Pakenham Taxi app, our Contact Centre is one touch away – simply tap “Connect” in the menu and talk to a ‘real person’ (bots not allowed!) based in Australia anytime, anywhere.

Safety built-in to your ride

Our fleet has built-in cameras to ensure your safety. 

Each Pakenham Taxi vehicle is fitted with various inherent GPS beacons, we don’t simply depend on your cell phone for tracking. The live area of our vehicles is checked every minute of every day by our Contact Center.

Finally, if you or your Driver is in trouble, there is a back-to-base alarm in each vehicle, monitored by our 24/7 Contact Centre.

Support anytime, even after your trip

We available 24X7

Your personal details are always safe when you book a Pakenham Taxi– we keep your personal details completely private. Our Anonymisation System will prevent Drivers from accessing your phone number – even when they call you or if you use the ‘Contact Driver’ feature in the app. 

 With the Pakenham Taxi app, our Contact Centre is one touch away – simply tap “Connect” in the menu and talk to a ‘real person’ (bots not allowed!) based in Australia anytime, anywhere.